Litigation & Debt Recovery

With substantial experience across all Australian jurisdictions, our lawyers provide clients with cost-effective and pragmatic advice and representation. Sometimes this is reflected by advising you to take someone to the appropriate Court or Tribunal, but more often than not the starting point is to engage with the other side and/or their representatives, and to see if a commercial, no nonsense solution can be obtained.

We take this approach because the team at NWF Legal boast considerable and ongoing experience as business owners and participants (either willingly or unwillingly) in litigious disputes.

Debt Recovery Ballarat

Our Debt Collection Team specialises in delinquent business and personal accounts, and can assist you with debts where:

  • Less than 6 years since the date of debt, or date of last payment;
  • The individual is not bankrupt;
  • The company is not liquidated;
  • The debtor resides in Australia.

Our aim is to recover your assets fast, reducing cash flow issues, and allowing you to run a smoother business operation.

If we feel legal action is necessary, we will discuss costs and procedures with you, and obtain your authority before proceeding.