Wills & Powers of Attorney


If you are 18 years old or over, you should have a Will.

A Will ensures that in the event of your death, your Estate will pass in accordance with your wishes, not in accordance with an Act of Parliament.

The decisions you make when creating your Will can have long lasting effects.

We can answer all your questions, including:

  • What is the role of the Executor and Trustee?
  • What assets do I own that will pass under my Will?
  • Can I be sure that my beneficiaries will receive their entitlements?
  • Can my affairs be re-arranged to benefit my family?
  • Can my Will be challenged?
Powers of Attorney

There are many circumstances in which a person may require an Attorney (someone over the age of 18) to act on his or her behalf.

Commonly prepared Powers of Attorney:

  • Enduring Power of Attorney (Financial and Personal)
  • Enduring Power of Attorney (Medical Treatment)

Why do people appoint Attorneys?

  • Inability to act on one’s own behalf, caused by dementia, stroke or any other debilitating disease
  • Absence from Victoria or Australia
  • Old age
  • Various business purposes