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Andrew Black

BA (Hons), LLM (Juris Doctor), Grad Dip Legal Prac (PhD)

Andrew Black is a graduate of Monash University and the University of Melbourne. Andrew was awarded the University Medal at Melbourne University in 2011. During his studies at Monash University, Andrew was awarded the Monash Law Faculty Prize for Civil Procedure and the Thomson Reuters Prize for Constitutional Law. He completed his doctorate at the University of Melbourne in 2020. Andrew has tutored in Australian Property and Land Law at the Australian Catholic University and La Trobe University. Andrew’s areas of professional expertise include property and land law, commercial litigation and transactions, and trusts and equity, and termination of employment law.

Andrew is a director of the Page Research Centre, a current serving member of the Ballarat Diocesan Historical Commission and has previously served as a board member of the state council of the St Vincent de Paul Society (Victoria).