Property Planning & Construction Law

From builders, to owners, to Corporate Property Developers, our clients receive expert guidance from lawyers with over 20 years’ experience in national and international development.

Practice Areas
  • Building & Construction Contracts
  • Property Development & Planning Advice
  • VCAT Applications & Objections
  • Major Infrastructure Projects
  • Building Act Advice
  • Land Management Agreements

We will assist you when navigating the highs and lows of the planning and development process, no matter what side of the fence you find yourself on.

In tackling any planning or property matter, there’s a calculation to be done, namely “risk vs reward”, when:

  • Planning a property purchase, sale or development in Victoria;
  • Being or becoming a landlord; or
  • Running a retail or commercial business.

This is particularly the case in the current economic climate where land (and therefore rent) is highly valuable; ‘land banking’ is no longer cost effective; Stamp Duty is reaching all-time highs; sunset clauses are under the microscope; and retail leases have just expanded their meaning to incorporate more than was ever expected.

Nobody is more aware of these factors than the team at NWF Legal, whose Partners boast considerable and ongoing experience as developers, landlords, tenants, vendors and purchasers – not just advisers.

And while there is rarely reward without some risk in any business venture, we take it as our role to minimise the risk when you present your plans to our team.

Think of it as a type of insurance. You bring us your arrangement, we consider it at our commercial rates (we’re probably equivalent to your accountant and/or town planner, and cheaper than your real estate agent) and after proper consideration, you receive advice on legality, frugality and most importantly, reality.